SAT - The Seven Deadly Sins
Avoid mistakes that could keep you or your child out of college!
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In this video you'll learn about
The 7 common blunders that can cost students 200 points or more on the SAT

The common mistakes that destroy test-takers' scores and the traps to avoid

Specific tactics that can improve your score

SAT misconceptions that make it more difficult to study and succeed

Resources--FREE and otherwise--you can use to reach an even higher score 
Colleges don't wait and neither should you! Your child may have to take the SAT multiple times to reach a desired score. The longer you wait to implement the tips in this video, the lower the chances of making that score and getting into THAT college!
Help Your Child Achieve the Dream: winning a scholarship and getting into their dream school!

Waiting can cost your child precious points and ruin a chance at a scholarship or admission to your child's dream college
  • Some universities and states AWARD SCHOLARSHIPS based on SAT scores!
  • Despite recent trends, colleges still view standardized tests and high school GPA as the BEST PREDICTORS for college freshman success.
  • It takes a lot to stand out. These tips could HELP YOUR CHILD have the edge over the rest. 
SAT - The Seven Deadly Sins
Thank you... I honestly could not have gotten into Cornell University and achieved an SAT score of 1500 (with a 720 in English) without your guidance, patience, and time.
Joanna - Jericho, NY
Terry H. has helped increase my SAT score by 290 points.
Kevin - Aurora, CO
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